Mia Vermillion

Hi Mia,

This is Duane Melcher and I was blown away hearing you at the Coffee Cove. You said you needed to get back to some Ella 40's tunes. I promise you that if you get you music selections balanced at 50% r blues and 50% Jazz and swing your career will take off even faster than it is now. Think of the thousands of fans Ella had. I never thought I would meet another Ella F. but I did the other night. God gave you the same gift that he gave her. WOW!!

I am very very happy to have met you!!

Duane Melcher- jdmelcher@comcast.net

Mia Vermillion responded on 08/18/2014

Duane, I appreciate so much your high praise and certainly take it to heart. I will consider your advice as I love the swing of Ella and the music. :-)

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