Mia Vermillion

Where can I find your schedule of live preformances? Which CD has "Copy Write Your Kisses" on it.

Mia Vermillion responded on 08/30/2010

Hi, I am so glad you asked. Right now I'm not scheduled for shows this fall. But, come end of September I will be posting shows at www.miavermillion.com click the shows tab and you will get the page that will list my shows. My appologies for no shows at this time. I'm taking time off to road trip and write.
Copywrite Your Kisses is on "Alone Together With the Blues" my debut album. You can find the CD for purchase at my website or on Amazon. Also, you can digitally download at full CD or individual songs at iTunes, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody, Napster, and Lala.com.
Thank you for the questions. : ) Please stay in touch. I enjoyed answering them. Also if you would like you can be my friend on Facebook. Search Mia Vermillion.

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