Mia Vermillion

Who are your primary musical influences?

Mia Vermillion responded on 08/21/2011

Hi Roland, sorry about the delay in my response. The influences that have formulated my approach and voice as a singer are generally female artists mostly singer/ songwriters types. I'll try and list a few artists that have peeked my ear, mostly from my youth. I listened to Ann Wilson of Heart to learn how to belt and Ricky Lee Jones to understand how to phrase and Beverly Sills to learn how to control my voice, my mother to develop a richness of tone and I remember listening to Bonnie Raitt. I was inspired by Raitt's ability with the guitar and her choice of genera. I like her voice but not as much as others. I love the expression of beauty that a voice can reveal. Any voice that transforms me I will take a listen to.
I was also heavily inspired by the blues form. I came to the blues through written works and not by ear. I learned the music by studying song sheets of old blues artists. The form looked strong and timeless. I had to sing it and find it out for myself. Thanks, Mia

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