Mia Vermillion

What was your biggest music disappoint early on in your career and how has it effected your current act today?

Mia Vermillion responded on 02/14/2012

In the second grade I was not selected for the school talent show. I put together a band to play the song, "I'm A Big Bass Drum" my drum was a box. LOL
Seriously, I've always felt success was mine when it came to music. But, the one major disappointment for me was hurting my spine and seriously knocking back the momentum of the success of my debut album and the ability to compete at the IBC's for the Washington Blues Society. At the time I put out my album "Alone Together With the Blues" I was a complete unknown. Radio loved it, but I didn't have the ability to follow it up personally with timely performances, networking it further and making public appearances with it. That lasted a couple years for me. In 2011 the pain of the injury was starting to wane and I was able to get back out there. I have been performing live the songs off my album and other music along the same line for the past year. I think the band is better now. I'm more selective about what venues I will play.

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